Puerto Rico is experiencing an island-wide blackout

The saga of Puerto Rico’s power grid has been an unhappy one. The US territory was already facing a financial crisis before the hurricane hit. The island only has one electric company, and prior to Maria, it was $9 billion in debt and utilizing outdated infrastructure and equipment.

After the hurricane hit, the island was devastated. One proposed solution was to privatize the power grid. Elon Musk and Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello had a meeting about rebuilding the island’s power grid with batteries and solar systems, and Tesla began pitching in to the effort late last year.

It’s a frustrating situation, to say the least. This is US territory, and yet the island is still in dire straits over half a year after Hurricane Maria. It’s hard to imagine what the population is experiencing, and this latest setback has to be incredibly harmful to what little morale there is left.

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