The Morning After: Faster rockets, the quiet end of Apple Watch stores

SET TV allegedly asks you to pay for bootlegged material.

Amazon, Netflix and studios sue subscription service over piracy

Amazon, Netflix and multiple Hollywood studios have sued SET Broadcast over allegations its SET TV service is used expressly for piracy. While there’s a dedicated set-top box, the centerpiece is a $20-per-month subscription service offering access to over 500 live TV channels and “thousands” of on-demand shows, including Netflix shows and movies still officially limited to theaters. As you might guess, the media giants argue SET TV is focused “overwhelmingly, if not exclusively” on pirated material.

Finally, customize your console without damaging it.
It’s now safe to skin your Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo’s latest console debuted, many users realized that third-party vinyl wraps and other decals were damaging their precious Switch. Console customization waits for no-one, however. Dbrand has launched Switch skins it promises are “100% safe” for the system’s plastic housing. The company said it spent a year working with 3M to create a “unique” adhesive that won’t wreck the design.

DARPA is challenging companies to speed up rocket missions.

US military hopes to launch rockets in ‘days, not years’

Getting a rocket into space takes time: It can take months or years to schedule and prepare for a mission. That was fine when launching any rocket was a special occasion, but DARPA thinks the industry can do better. The military research agency recently kicked off a Launch Challenge to encourage companies to cut launch timetables to “days, not years.” Teams will have to develop systems that can launch two low Earth orbit rockets at different sites within days of each other, and with little advance notice.

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