Valve acquires the creators of ‘Firewatch’

If you ask Campo Santo, the two companies are a natural fit. The company said there was an “obvious match” with Valve, which felt similarly about game development. Valve also saw creators with a “unique experience and valuable, diverse perspectives.”

It’s not shocking that Campo Santo would join a larger company. As successful as it has been, it was still a fledgling studio without vast resources. For Valve, though, it’s more surprising: the company’s once extensive game development has largely narrowed down to Dota 2 and its card game spinoff Artifact, with legendary talent leaving for greener pastures. This doesn’t necessarily herald a full-scale revival of Valve’s in-house plans (sorry, Half-Life 3 likely remains dead), but Gabe Newell recently mentioned that Artifact was just the start of his company’s return to games. Clearly, the company doesn’t just want to be known for Steam and hardware experiments.

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