Gmail redesign on the web is rolling out, here are the new features to know about

Gmail’s big redesign was not a very well kept secret. It was first spotted a couple of weeks ago and we heard about upcoming features back in March. Google is finally rolling out the redesign for Gmail on the web today. Users can opt-in to the new features right now, but eventually, this new look will become the default. Let’s take a look at the new features.

New Sidebar

The right side of the screen has a new, tiny sidebar. It contains shortcuts to Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and other add-ons. Clicking the icon opens a floating view that allows you to get a glimpse without leaving Gmail.

Hover Actions

Hovering your cursor over an email in the inbox will reveal quick actions for Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, Snooze, and other contextual actions. You don’t have to open the email if you already know you want to archive it.


Inbox by Gmail users are well aware of the handy Snooze feature. As the name implies, this feature allows you to snooze an email and get notified at a later time. This is handy if you can’t take action right away but you don’t want to forget about it.

Smart Reply

This is another feature from Inbox by Gmail. Google will display suggested short replies based on the email context. Instead of typing out “Sounds good” you can just click it.


Nudges are brand new to Google’s email apps. A nudge will remind you to follow up with an email. They show up as reminders inline with the email in the inbox, such as “Received 3 days ago. Reply?”

Confidential Mode

A new Confidential Mode allows you to remove the option for the recipient to forward, copy, download, or print an email. You can also make the email expire after a set period of time.

There are other various small tweaks here and there, but these are the major differences you’ll notice. If you’d like to give the new design a spin, open Gmail and click the Settings gear in the right corner. Select “Try the new Gmail.” You can revert to the old style the same way. How do you like this big redesign?

Source: Google

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