Curtiss’ second electric motorcycle boasts a so-called V8 battery

Hera will have the E-Twin motor that’s set to debut with the Zeus, but the battery is the figurative and literal centerpiece: The design is based on the V8 motorcycle that Glenn Curtiss used to reach 136.3 mph in January 1907 to set the land speed record and win the title of “Fastest Man on Earth.” The Hera swaps out combustion cylinders for high-density lithium-ion batteries, and the company’s press release promises the bike will deliver greater speed than the century-old bike it takes after.

Curtiss’ officially-labeled ‘Hot Rod Gods’ look to compete with the Harley-Davidson LiveWire bike, which is slated to debut it in 2019. The Zeus is supposed to enter production in 2019 to ensure a 2020 model year, while Curtiss hasn’t revealed when the Hera will come out, nor any of its specs.

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