‘Minecraft’ mod fosters a collaborative effort against climate change

You can combat the changes in the atmosphere by planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide. To combat the issue on a larger scale, you can purchase carbon offsets, which gives other players a tree-planting bounty to complete — that reflects one of the mod’s themes of working together to fight climate change.

“If the majority of players don’t agree to be near-carbon-neutral in how they play, then the carbon score will only continue to rise in-game. Once the damage negatively impacts the players, they will begin paying back that ‘debt’ they accrued,” Porillo told Motherboard. “The idea is if the players put a little more effort in from the start to not emit a ton, then they can entirely avoid the price to be paid later.”

He plans to add more features, such as a scorecard that lets you see who the least carbon-neutral players are, finding out your own carbon footprint and adding methane as a second greenhouse gas. The mod works with Minecraft’s Server Java Edition and you can download it from GitHub.

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