Save me, water-powered eye massager

With the Rio, Aurai wants to deliver the same sort of relaxing experience anywhere. There’s no external control pod — instead you put a little bit of water inside the headset, and it relies on a small cable for power. Unfortunately, it only offers a warming function, not cooling, but the whole eye massaging experience felt similar to its more expensive sibling. The fit leaves something to be desired — it’s a bit too front heavy at the moment, which caused it to press down on my nose. Aurai still hasn’t finished optimizing the device yet, so it still has time to fix those issues.

While eye massagers are a niche product in America, they could be very useful for plenty of stressed out office workers. And the addition of water pulsating action could help Aurai’s devices stand out from the pack.

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Camera: Liviu Oprescu
Editor: Liviu Oprescu
Host: Devindra Hardawar

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