Uber uses AI to determine if your trips are for business or pleasure

It’s not a flawless system — Uber said the initial suggestion is right 80 percent of the time. You can always override the suggestion, though, and just getting that suggestion may prevent a slip-up.

Uber is also improving the oversight for those trips. Companies can designate trip reviewers to study rides for individual staffers or entire teams. Instead of having to rely on a dedicated travel manager, a business could rely on those who know the most about workers’ travel patterns (say, a department leader). Employees can tackle disputes inside the app, rather than waiting for email.

On top of all this, there’s now a wider list of expense service integrations that includes the likes of Expensya and Zoho Expense.

The aim for these upgrades is clear: Uber wants to be seen as a trustworthy option for work trips. The less friction there is when hailing Uber for business uses, the more likely companies may be to use it as their go-to travel option. Not that you’ll necessarily complain if this helps you avoid the hassles that sometimes come up with taxis and airport shuttles.

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