Samsung reportedly sent foldable displays to OPPO, Xiaomi to help grow the ecosystem

samsung galaxy a

The current trend in smartphone design is small bezels and display notches. Foldable phones have threatened to be the next design trend for a while, but so far nothing has materialized. Samsung is one of the manufacturers that has been working on foldable phones for a while. According to a report from ETNews, Samsung is already sending samples of foldable displays to the competition.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, has reportedly sent samples of potential folding displays to Oppo and Xiaomi. Why would Samsung do this when they don’t have a foldable phone of their own? Making displays for other manufacturers is a big source of income for Samsung. They have even made iPhone displays. But the other reason is more important to the future of Samsung’s foldable phones.

Another possible reason is to grow the folding ecosystem before they launch their own foldable device. Oppo and Xiaomi can get the idea of a foldable phone into the minds of customers before Samsung swoops in with a superior product. Analysts predict they could ship up to a million foldable displays next year and up to 5 million in 2020. If foldable phones are going to happen, Samsung wants to be in on it.

Source: ETNews via: Phone Arena

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